Doomwork may be summed up with one single term: "unconventional".

They grew up artistically in the early years of the twenty-first century when the Italian dance movement was reaching its apex- Alessandro and Claudio started looking for darker sounds; it didn't take them long to discover Detroit's "Techno" music scene and its founders: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Jeff Mills. Later, their beat was affected by the so-called "Big Beat" and its genres: Synth Rock, Funk, Hip Hop (Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Prodigy). At the same time they were getting interested into the Chicago House movement, born in the first half of the 1980's.

Alessandro and Claudio decided to collaborate together in 2008 by giving start to the Doomwork project. They soon reached the top of the Beatport chart, the famous reference portal for modern club culture, with the song "Isla" first (two months n1 in the deep house chart), and "Jazzy Stuff" later (two months n1 in the general chart, resulting as the top selling record of 2009) and scoring again with "Groovin" (one month n1 in the deep house chart, boasting one of the world deep house guru's remix: Milton Jackson). In 2010 they are among the nominees of the Beatport Awards in the category "the best deep house track", winning a second price with their track "Lost in memory". All their productions constantly get positive feedbacks from the techno world's most important djs like Carl Cox, Loco Dice, Karotte, 2000andOne, Radioslave, Satoshi Tomiee and others.

Their music career brought them fame and caught the attention of some of the biggest names of the international "scene" : Dylan Hermelijm (aka 2000andOne), chief of Planet Gong (one of the most estimate European organization), is one of them. He decided to remix and release the track "Andromeda" on the historic dutch techno label 100%PURE. The track was broadcasted on BBC radio during Pete Tong broadcast "Essential Mix", and then was released in the compilation "Wonderland" for Pete Tong's label "Defected Records", "Andromeda" became one of the most important project of the duo. Many of their works are included in the most important compilations : Space Ibiza comp. , Privilege Ibiza comp. , Cavo Paradiso "Definitons" vol. 10 (mixed by Satoshi Tomiee) , Campari Sunset ,released by Sony Music to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the famous drink.

They performed in clubs all over the world since 2009; Air Club (Tokio) for the Redbull Master Night, Q Club (Zurich) , Tenax ( Florence), Goa (Rome), Elrow 14 (Barcelona), Bullit Club (Monaco), are only some of them. Despite this intense working session, they managed to focus on their live set, a music container that ranges from "deep" and "techno", "electro" and "house", "prog" and "hip hop", and gave birth to their own music identity, in order to create a bond between the artist and the dance floor. The project immediately received positive feedbacks, and met the dancefloor during the "Amsterdam Dance Event 2010" becoming part of the "Saw Recordings" tour, Satoshi Tomiee and Hector Romero's label.

At the end of an intense 2010, 2011 seems to start hectic with the launch of their own label "Retouch Recordings", with their new projects that seem to be more important than the previous ones, a new 100%PURE release and the debut on "Audiomatique", Steve Bug's label (Trentemoller latest album was released on the same label, just for the record), and together with their first concept album soon to be made, we'll hardly see them enjoying a cocktail.