In 1984, Denny Marx, today better known by his stage name "Melokind", was born in the small town of St. Wendel in the contemplative Saarland. Already in childhood and adolescence, he showed great interest in electronically-melodic music. Especially artists like Erasure, Ace of Base or other of the 90s electro-pop movement inspired him greatly. So it did not take long and he started his first steps in music production. But with programs like "Music 2000" for the Playstation or the "Magix MusicMaker" he came quickly to his artistic and creative limits.

Through his tireless work on the turntables, he could acquire, away from all software limitations, an incredible sense of melody and all associated feelings. In 2009 he took the ambitious step to the Producer Software "Ableton Live" and therefore the step to the production of his own pieces. "Melokind" today combines many different styles into one entire whole. Not only the individual genres of electric range like trance, techno, electro, tech house, experimental, etc. but also classical music, rock, pop and rap influenced his artistic work sustainably.

He draws his ideas and inspiration from everyday situations. A vacation or a simple sentence pronounced are often decisive for the subsequent tracks. "Kleinwalsertal" or particularly "Immer Richtung Sonne" should be listed here as examples. Always in familiar terms with his fans, he creates a balancing act between danceable and powerful but always melodic and soulful sounds (hence the name Melokind). At his gigs, he takes his fans and listeners on his own little journey through the realms of his artistic being and enchanted them with his musical interpretation of the world.

Denny now lives in Cologne, where he surprises his growing fan base with new creations of his musical producing. His music always approaches life with a good deal of melancholy, but always culminating in an optimistic discussion of the future. True to the motto: "Always towards the sun"!