Vario Volinski

Vario Volinski is a Swiss music producer. It was clear early that he is passionate by the music and therefore he took about eight years of piano lessons. However, it displeased him to learn only on command songs and therefore he learned to improvise. Through many long nights of partying, he came into the electronic music scene and began to produce mainly electro-house and techno , but there is no genre that he has not tried.

Volinski Vario combines acoustic instruments with all kind of synths. His favorite instruments are the piano and strings mixed with danceable beats. The variety is very important to him. His goal is not to fit into a specific genre but to bring a bit of variety.

„I is not important whether my tracks fit into a specific genre or grouping, is important to me that a track provokes emotion and thrilling. Genres and groups disturb only the diversity of ideas“